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Mountain barrows and Children's World
"Children's World NOVAKO"
. It offers a bouncy castle, trampoline, crossbow shooting, giant darts, climbing center Šikulka and other activities.
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 19:00
Those interested in ordering can call from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. hours on tel: +420 775 157 344
Mountain car or scooter          1 ride          30 CZK
Mountain car or scooter        5 rides         110 CZK
Bouncy castle                7 min         20 CZK
Rope Centre + crossbow, arrows     1 hour         50 CZK
The entire children's world (except carts, scooters) 1 hour 70 CZK
tel: +420 775157344
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.novako-ski.cz

Hiking / Nordic Walking
Favorite routes and targets for hikers in Boží Dar
Boží Dar peat
Blatno moat
Lukáš Bauer and Jens Weissflog Tour
Old boundary stone
Kurort Oberwiesenthal

Baby Jesus' journey
Jesus' way is intended primarily for children. As it takes into account their age and abilities, it is divided into two parts (5600 m and 12900 m). On the way children learn about Baby Jesus world and they fill in the cards that they picked up in the Infocenter with answers of questions tasks at each stop. Variety of attractions for amusement and recreation of children is located along the route. Children return with the filled card to the Information Centre where they will get a small gift. More of Baby Jesus way »or http://www.jeziskovacesta.cz/

Lukáš Bauer and Jens Weissflog Tour
Less demanding cycling circuits (road and trekking bikes)
More demanding cycling circuits (mountain bike)
Klínovec downhill route - very difficult

In the case of interest we can lend you the guide book of  the Ore Mountains with maps.





Summer bobsleigh track in Kurort Oberwiesenthal
... only 4 km from Boží Dar
For: families, corporations, individuals, schools
In Boží dar and its immediate surroundings, you can try few sports that are not quite so common: snowshoe walks, snowkiting as well as ride on a summer bobsleigh track. You can find it close to the German town of Oberwiesenthal, near the local ski area and tennis courts.
Marking the bobsleigh track in Oberwiesenthal as "summer" is a bit misleading. If the weather allows it, it is open from spring to autumn.
Opening hours:
The opening hours depend greatly on the weather. If the track is wet, do not go up.
Daily 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Night bobsledding: 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Rides    Adult Children Schools
1  2 € 1 € 1 €
2  3 € 2 € 2 €
3  4 € 3 € 3 €
5  6 € 5 € 5 €
Day ticket € 40 € 30 /
Children under 8 years accompanied by an adult- free


Tennis court in Boží Dar
Tennis courts in Oberwiesenthal
Time     1 hour         10 hours
Season ticket
Mon - Fri
10-17 o´ clock 
17 -24 o´clock        13,00 €
15,00 €     60,00 €

Sat, Sun
10-24 o´clock         € 15.00         €  60.00
more on the tennis court Oberwiesenthal
Other tennis courts nearby




Pools and aqua centers
Aquacentrum Agricola  (in the picture)
Agricola Spa Centre Jáchymov
Indoor pool Potůčky
Indoor pool Oberwiesenthal - Hotel Am Fichtelberg
Aqua Geyer Freizeitbad GreifensteineAquacentrum
Aqua Marien Marienberg
Indoor pool in Nástup hotel  - approx. 1km from the hotel. More information at the reception.




Downhill skiing
Ski resort in Boží Dar - Neklid
Downhill course Boží dar  za Prahou
Ski Resort Novako
Ski resort Klínovec South - Ski resort Klínovec - Ski resort Fichtelberg
Current price list Ski resort Klínovec to be found here

Cross-country skiing




Snowparks Krušné hory
Snowpark Neklid 
Snowpark Klínovec 
Obstacles and jumps  
Snowpark Fichtelberg
Snowparks in the Ore Mountains
Snowpark Neklid
Snowpark Klínovec
Obstacles and jumps
Snowpark Fichtelberg






Best Kite School & Shop Boží Dar









.... fun not only for kids









Ride on a steam locomotive Oberwiesenthal-Cranzahl
Rides in a postal carriage in Kurort Oberwiesenthal
Ride in an open carriage
Ride in a covered carriage
Horse sleigh






Nature Trails
Boží Dar peat
Nature Trail Blatno trench  - Boží Dar
Nature trails Horní Blatná – Vlčí jámy
Nature trail Jáchymov hell
Božídarský Špičák
Golden Hill






Museum Boží Dar
Museum Oberwiesenthal
Museum Jáchymov
Museum Rittersgrün - narrow-gauge railway museum
Museum Breitenbrunn
Museum of Air battle in the Ore Mountains (in the picture)
Mine Tours "Svatý Kryštof"
Technical Museum "Groundwood Weigel"
Processing of mineral resources "Silberwäsche Antosthal"






Monuments and history
Church of St. Anne's in Boží Dar
Anton Günther memorial in Boží Dar
Memorial Rýžovna
A memorial of the church
Tower on Blatenský Hill
Preservation zone and the Museum in Horní Blatná
Exposition of the Museum in Horní Blatná







Rentals, ski / snowboard schools
Ski Resort Novako - Bicycles and scooters – Boží Dar
Resort Novako - Novako School – Boží Dar
NOVAKO Children's World – Boží Dar
Yetti bike - Car Rental – Boží Dar
Yetti-School Ski and snowboard school, ski and snowboard-Boží Dar
JPK - Ski School – Boží Dar
JPK - Ski rental – Boží Dar
Top Ski Service Klínovec - Ski rental – Boží Dar


SLEVA 10% Vybavení

Každý ubytovaný v hotelech Star***4,5 společnosti 3star activity hotels získá 10% slevu na zapůjčení vybavení ve Sportcentru Klínovec. ( V létě např. terénní koloběžky, kola, nordic walking hole a v zimě lažařské či snowboardové vybavení)
Ceník Sportcentrum Klínovec naleznete zde.




Rezervační centrum
3star activity hotels, s.r.o.

Tel.: +420 474 614 100
Mobil: +420 725 806 944
E-mail: rezervace@3star.cz


Katalog web stránek Webatlas.cz TOPlist

Hotel*** Star 1

Moderně vybavený Hotel s příjemnou restaurací. Ideální například pro rodinné pobyty.                                                                                                  Prohlídka...

Hotel*** Star 2

Depandance Hotelu*** Star 1. Nabízí 8 dvoulůžkových pokojů a 3 čtyřlůžkové (z toho jeden bezbariérový)
s až 33 lůžky. Doporučujeme pro firemní pobyty.                                                         Prohlídka...

Hotel*** Star 4

Hotel*** Star 4 se nachází přímo ve skiareálu Klínovec, 30 metrů od vleku. Je vhodný i pro větší skupiny.